Strawberries Picking in Baguio City, Philippines

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Actually, Ive already blogged this on my other site wherein , me with husband and my family, where gone to one of the awesome province in the Philippines, the Baguio city, while we’re there for a short vacation last year. But I can still feel the urge to blog it up again in here since am putting off some of my travel posts over this site. Hence, I better to include this experience as well here – though it’s already mentioned to the other site I’ve also owned.

Actually, we don’t plan at all to pick the strawberries because we’re more keen to go to those touristy places that we’re keep on seeing at the tourist advertisement on the television back in the states. But we ended up doing it which the most fun to do while you’ll find yourself one day roaming the place.

Baguio is the awesome place to unwind and to get rid of pollution that urban places are prone to. The air was really clean thus you can really get a breather as you visit the place.

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Of course, me and my husband wont leave the place without us having at least one snap. By the way, the strawberry prices are varies to the large of basket you’ve got. For small basket – the price is 100php while the biggest basket has a price of 250php and they’re not basing on the amount of strawberries you had picked, as long you had filled the basket you have, everything is fine.

Alright, that will be all for now and for more of my Philippines travel posts. Kindly click the banner on the left sidebar for you to see all of my awesome adventures to the country, Philippines.

A year subscription on the gym

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Other are pretty fortunate to have this tiny cute face shape ever since they were born and I had to admit that am kinda envy them for having that kind of feature. LOL but I know that I can have that either if I could just work hard my ass on the gym and doing so hard on my given routines. Hence, I better to get started and have my aimed body and skinny face later.. lol

Might most of you may find this funny, but yes it is.. ahah That I am pretty concerned on my face more than to my body because it does easily for me to get the face bigger or looking sore as I eaten any kind of salty foods, I think that’s called being a bloated, right? but what am trying to do now is to slowly change my total lifestyle by having only the leafy made of meals plus a great a amount of protein from poultry animals and let see after I month if does it works for me – of course, I’ll keep you posted on the progress as I notices any..hehe

By the way, I’ve already subscribed a year gym membership at gold’s gym near with us and who knows we might bumped onto soon, if s0 – don’t hesitate to say hi to me, okay? hehe

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Actually, my main goal why I enrolled myself to a gym is to have this fit and strong body. Because my type of work is already unhealthy thus I needed to step up and seek for activities that can makes me more stronger and fit. Hence, hitting the gym is the best remedy and fine to do, right? I hope I can make it through with proper attitude and focus to it.

Alright, that will be all and please keep on checking me here. Because I am keen to post some of my exercise routines here for you to have an idea too on what best workouts that may works to you too..

Attending Company’s Year-end Party

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Yearly, our company hold an meeting and party at the same time for us employees to keep going. And everyone should come and enjoy the day since it was in the memo that we all should be there.

Since it’s also a meeting, we should wear off something propitiate to it hence I’d ended up wearing a dress which I top it up with a blazer just to be look fine on the meeting though am keen more to party than to the meeting.. Lol The good thing of this outfit was, I can dress down as am ready to party on – right after the meeting. Others brought extra clothes for the party alone but at my end, what I did was – I just mix and match clothes that can be fits on both meeting and party..

The blazer is from kohl’s, I forgot the brand though. But I just bought it for 5 USD, if I am not mistaken. And the dress is from the company I used to work with on my site for collaboration..While the wedge is from macy’s which has a price of 20 USD. How do I look on this outfit? do I pull it off? lemme know please..

Brunch @ Sizzler

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At one fine afternoon, with no plan at all – me and the husband decided to go anywhere and let our feet be wandered and enjoy the rest of the day. We’ve been to the nearby casino and resorts just to check on how does their card dealer works since we’re one too. In away, we’re gathering information or techniques rather on how we can make our job well – for us to be fine on this field. But ironically, instead of us observing we ended up filling our tummy at sizzler..hehe Good thing! sizzler has something good to offer which a free baby back ribs in every 10 usd spent.

 photo 11004937_626182127514513_607372896_n_zps54a9237c.jpg

Me and my husband enjoyed these meals, really! because they’re just light and yet healthy that wont make us guilty after we eaten all.. ehhe By the way, we’re on the diet because we’re preparing on our summer vacation in the Philippines that I’ll be surely blog up here once we got there.

Alright, that will be all for now and please keep on checking me here for more personal updates.

Santa Monica Beach #California #USA

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I admit, I am a beach person. I dunno, I just feel relaxed when every time I go to any beaches nearby. Actually, back in the Philippines. I really hate going to any because I had this little phobia on the sea waves but since I used to it here, in the USA – beaches. I started to liking it more and more.. And now I know on how to have fun over the seashore and enjoy the moment to the fullest..

About the outfit I wore? Well, the jumpsuit is from macy’s and I’ve bought it for just 5 USD tax included, yeah I kno you might wondered why is so cheap? it is because I’ve used several discounted coupons that I printed out online and others is a gift vouchers that a friend gave. In the US you can enjoy the shopping as long you knew on how to do couponing, which the best ever way to have all things you’d needed in a very reasonable prices. I’ll blog about it – on how it works soon for you to have an idea on how I did it…

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Meanwhile, let me share with you my fave swim wear. The one pink top is from khol’s and I have it for 20 USD, yes! it is quite expensive but worth to have because the piece is well comfortable and light which is the perfect and proper to wear in the beach.

Staring a new blog again..


Though, I am quite busy doing my daily errands and some others which I needed to sort out everyday. And yet, I can managed to have this new blog here that has this domain name of: Actually, I just randomly type it in to the registrar company where I registered this name but I think it is pretty quirky right? to have such kind of name for a new lifestyle blog like this one. Yes! this blog supposed to be my lifestyle blog where all my personal shopping experiences, travels and resto I’ve been eaten with are all listed here. Hence, you better to stick in as you pleased already to learn on what stuff or things should I always do, more often just to kill the day.

I am jane, by the way. Others might know me already because beside to this blog I also runs these 2 other sites: and, both are into fashion and travel. But mostly they’re getting close of being a lifestyle blog as well. But since I made this blog already here I am thinking off to just stick with travel to one and the other will go for fashion alone which I think is a better way to categories or separate my blogs basing on their own niche.

I just hope that all will turned good, though I got a long way to do over this blog still I am keeping my feet stands and getting my positive thoughts in.. hehe

Alright then, that’s for my introductory post and I hope you can tuning in here for my first personal post.