Having fun playing the snow

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It’s oddly to see the snowing falling here in Cali. Because we haven’t have this literally winter, I mean with snow around. That is why when we saw the snow outside I really cant help myself to play with it and to have fun.

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We tried the snowball throwing and to build a snowman but I forgot though to take a picture on it since we’ve rushed home because we just realized that it’s time to prepare for our work duty after an hour. Hence we cant take some snaps of this rare event.

Date with My Best Friend

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Winter is coming. Because I can now feels the cold breeze air passing over. Though in Cali we haven’t see the snow falling and yet we could feel the hard cold that other states is having. Hence, we have to prepare ourselves by having an flu shot beforehand (the cold season started), which I did already. And wear some foaming clothing that can gives us warm. But today, I am pulling off with this outfit that is way light than to the usual or proper clothing as we got the winter..ahaha

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Guess what? I can able to hang out with my best friend Angel which we rarely do. Because of our own priorities that separates us in a way – I mean our each career we need to fulfill. We gone to the nearest Japanese resto and have our long chit chat ever and enjoy the whole day together.

Got Some Birthday Presents From Family

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I am so happy and fortunate to have such thoughtful, loving and generous family who’re always remembering my cake day then prepared their each present for me to be happy on my day..

My brother who’s currently resides in the Philippines are sent over these MK bag and Tory Burch sandals on my way. I think he just bought these somewhere online and he just shipped it out to my address for his convenient.

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While my husband and his family are greatly given these awesome expensive bags. I dunno, what to feel right now because I didn’t expect this at all, where all my eye-ing stuff are ones given me as my birthday presents. How lucky I am right? I will surely treasure these gifts and use them carefully for them to be lasted for good years..

Trying out the Maxi Dress @ Macy’s #Shopping

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Often times, when I’ve got some free times. I see to it to visit any mortar stores or the mall nearby. Of course, I needed to de-stress myself from the toxic workloads am getting in everyday at work which makes me feel quite tired of it hence I really need to have my “Me” time and enjoy the day by myself alone for me to get energize and be ready for tomorrow’s tasks.

One of the best things that girls can do to abolish their stressor was to go shopping and buy off all the chic finds they could find. Though that isn’t healthy at all because there were tendency of you being  broke then all you have to do is to wait until the next paycheck to roll. But on my end, I’d already separated the bills for shopping and the bills for the debts and other necessarily to pay as for monthly fee and thingy. That is why am quite enjoying myself while I do my shopping..hehe

What I’ve got from yesterday’s shopping was this lovely long maxi dress from macy’s. The dress is real pretty and has it’s illusion that can make you look taller than you are. Look my picture on the top, I may look taller on it but in reality am just an 5’5 tall lady. I just bought the dress for like 10 USD included the tax already which I found pretty reasonable for such great finds, right? – so then, I’ve decided to take it, run over the cashier and brought it home. And eventually to wear it off soon for our summer getaway..

It’s Snowing at Palm Springs peak # California # USA

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Though we’re in the states – we still rarely sees the snows falling. Because we were in the state where snows aren’t showing when the winter comes. But there’s an remote area like in the palm springs resorts where you can go in and see on how pretty this white cold thing falling from the sky. I’d still feel amused when every time I see this wonderful white tiny ice, I dunno, It’s just feels surreal to me still when I sees a place that are surrounds with snows.

My husband and I are decided to heads to palm springs for us to enjoy the cold place and play with the snow a little. Though, we haven’t the proper wear for it and still we managed it and bears the cold breeze blowing – overall this little trip is awesome and if we got some times, might be next year, I probably go back here again but with my winter wear for sure an enjoy the moment and catch the beautiful scenery more.

Okay, that’s all for now and looking forward to see you again here for more of my personal updates and trips.