The Power of a Pair of Heels

There is something to be said about women and high heels…they have the ability to command a certain unspoken power: the power to grab attention, especially from men, when they enter a room and the power to project an air of confidence in their stride. Many celebrities and people in the limelight know this so have used high heels to their full advantage. Some go as far as wearing them in the most unexpected situations, too. Huffington Post photographed Sofia Vergara on the beach in her high heels, Elizabeth Banks riding a bike in her high heels and Kim Kardashian in her third trimester of pregnancy in her high heels. Even celebrity children like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter, Suri Cruise, was spotted in a pair of child sized high heels. The high heels these celebrities wear are usually the designer ones like Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutins. Most of us would probably never own a pair of these designer shoes because of their expensive price tags. Some of us might even associate heels with super models or socialites with an active night life. Not anymore, thanks to the popular celebrities who made wearing heels fashionable and classy. However, unlike these celebrities, we don’t have to own a pair of Jimmy Choos or any other expensive designer shoe to look as good because there are similar shoes that are more affordable from heels Australia online.

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Heels for “dummies”

Aren’t all heels the same? No because there are sky high heels, platforms heels and chunky heels. Then there are sub-categories within these three categories such as lace-up heels, pumps, caged heels, block heels, low heels and high heels. Lace-up heels have ankle ties that wrap around the foot and ankle. Pumps, sometimes called court shoes, have a low cut front and are usually closed toe without a fastening, though you can buy open toe pumps now with ankle straps. Caged heels are shoes that look like pumps or booties with cut outs to look like sandals and to give your feet the effect of being in a “cage.” Block heels are shoes with a wooden stacked block heel. They are reported to be very comfortable for all day wear. Low heels are shoes that have approximately 5-9 cm heels as opposed to 11 cm and above. These are like practice heels for people who are not brave enough to jump straight into sky high heels. And finally, high heels are those sky high heels that many models and celebrities rock.

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Do we really need so many types of heels?

Yes because we have so many types of people, personalities, events and seasons. Lace-up heels look great in the day and night, and can be worn with skinny jeans in winter or a cocktail dress in the evening. Pumps give a more formal look, so are great for adding chic to casual wear or when you just want to look business-like in your work clothes. Caged heels are great for summer because they are like stylish sandals which can be worn with shorts and a blazer to create a chic look. Block heels are comfortable and great for people who want to look good all day without giving up on their heels. As mentioned earlier, low heels are great for people who want the attractive effect that sky high heels give to their legs minus the skills needed to balance on such high heels. Sky high heels are very flattering and eye-catching. They have a way of drawing the observer’s eyes to the legs of the wearer as if to announce that the wearer is in the room. They are great for evening wear, summer drinks and spring racing season and a must have item for anyone who wants to look glamorous.

Where to buy good quality high heel shoes?

There are many online shoe stores that can give Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin a run for their money because they offer a similar range of stylish and fashionable shoes minus the expensive price tag. Being online, they offer convenient shopping in the comfort of your own home. They stock locally and overseas made shoes, can deliver to customers living anywhere in Australia and overseas and usually stock a wider range than on-site shoe stores because they operate from a warehouse.



Four Types of Jewellery All Brides Must Wear

As a woman, your wedding day is the most important occasion in your life. So it is important to look as beautiful as possible since you will be the centre of attraction at your wedding. Most women mainly concentrate on the wedding dress. Now, although this is important and must be bought in advance, a plain wedding dress can make you look too simple. In order to add a touch of elegance and grandiosity, you will have to wear certain accessories. Although these will increase your expenses, they will immensely increase your beauty as well. You must not overdo this since too much of jewellery can ruin the overall look. So here are some jewellery option that you can take into consideration.

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This is the most obvious and most important jewellery of the day. Even though you won’t be wearing it before the wedding, remember that you will be wearing it for the rest of your life. So make sure that you choose the right ring. You can easily find wedding rings Melbourne. You can either go for something very simple or customize a wedding ring for yourself. It is important to shop for the ring with your partner to ensure that you both choose something that suits your taste. You can either purchase it in gold, platinum or even silver, depending on your choice. Although they can cost thousands of dollars, it is worth the price since you only get married once – well, at least you hope so.


Wearing a necklace will bring some light into your face. It is a much better idea than wearing too much makeup. The necklace you wear mainly depends on your wedding dress. If you are wearing a low-cut bridal gown, you can go for something big and grand stoned with diamonds. If you are wearing a wedding gown with a broader neckline, then you must go for something simple like a single diamond or a neck-tight necklace. Do not purchase something that is too heavy since you will already to have to bear the weight of the wedding gown. Wearing a heavy necklace can put a lot of pressure on your neck and can give you a neck pain. So wear something that is beautiful yet comfortable.


Although they will be slightly covered by the veil, you must always wear earrings to your wedding. Some traditions consider the absence of earrings as inauspicious and thus have made it a compulsory element of a wedding. Anyhow, when shopping for earrings, you need to make sure that it suits your dress. Do not go for coloured earrings since they will definitely look out of place. Big and fancy earrings will give the same effect. Choose something that will compliment the dress that you wear since it will be more suitable for the occasion. In this case, you can consider small, white earrings. Pearls and diamonds would definitely look stunning, if you can afford them. Make sure that they are small and bring out the glow in your face.

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As they say, every woman is a queen. This phrase becomes even truer on your big day. You will definitely look like a princess in the eyes of everyone present at your wedding. While some consider a tiara to be over-the-top, you can always wear it if you want it. You need to make sure that it suits your wedding dress and fits in perfectly with the rest of your attire including the accessories and footwear. A diamond tiara is what most brides go for, but if you can’t afford it, you can always get something that fits your budget. You need to makes sure that the tiara is placed in the correct position since it can be difficult to place it with the veil. Moreover, since not all brides wear tiaras, you need to make it as unique as possible.

When purchasing all these jewellery, you need to make sure that they fit you perfectly well. These are not only valuable, but they are also memorable and sentimental. Thus, you cannot afford to lose them. If you cannot afford these luxuries, remember that the wedding jewellery is not what makes you a bride. The best jewellery you can wear for your wedding day is a smile and you can get it in abundance for free!


Fashion Dos and Don’ts for curvalicious divas

Every woman wants to look fabulous and dress up to fit into todays’ trendy fashion. Plus size women are no exception to that fashion rule. There are so many beautiful curvy women out there who has embraced their body and can truly dress to impress. While there are some who makes the wrong choices when it comes to selecting the best flattering garment for their body. Some feel like they are forever bound by certain fashion guidelines if you are a plus size women. Well, that is a theory of the past. Curvy women’s fashion is easy to understand once you learn the basic dos and don’ts of plus size fashion world.

Do follow the plus size trends that offers the perfect trend related pieces with the perfect curvy body twist. Just because you wear plus size clothes it does not mean you cannot follow trends. Stripes are considered to be curvy women’s enemy. When Stripes worn correctly it can create optical illusion making wider areas appear small. There is no harm in trying out a chunky, bold straight across horizontal stripes or asymmetric stripes. When buying dresses look for French seams, empire waists, a line skirts and rushing details. Instead of just picking up usual black-and-white silhouettes for the summer, Look for exiting summer dresses online where you might find more variety of plus size figure worthy trendy clothing than your usual stores. Invest on a tailor fitting blazer which can balance out your shoulders with your hips proportions. Also try out the layering technique where one can make your upper body look longer. Avoid clothes with extremely small ditsy prints as it may not go well with the proportions of your body frame, instead go for the bolder prints and graphics. Explore and experiment!

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Do look for clothing that fits your body perfectly. Restrain from baggy or oversized clothing that just hangs on your body, unless it is lazy weekend morning at home. Wearing large shapeless clothes will visually add extra 10 pounds to your body. The key idea is to cleverly hide your problem areas and to show off that fabulous body. By emphasizing on your best body features you can take the attention away from your flaws. Also do not buy anything simply because it fits. For instance if you have a bulging tummy yet finds a cute well-fitting crop top, simply walk away.

Do invest in a good quality shape wear that fits perfectly on your body without riding up on problem areas. Look and try out fewer brands of shape wear that will work perfectly with your body shape. Not all curvy women have the same body shape, so be sure to select wisely. A shape wear can instantly smooth out the bulk of your body leaving the garment smooth and sexy. Look for seamless, lightweight and comfortable fabrications which will accommodate you in achieving a smooth foundation for your clothing, while making you look trimmer.

Do purchase trendy bold accessories which can add more to your outfit. Statement jewelry will look fabulous on a plus size body frame. Choose stacked bangles, dangling earrings, cocktail rings, large pendant necklaces, and long necklaces that will draw the eye up and down. Make sure not to overdo it and end up like a Christmas tree. Belts are curvy girl’s best friend. Adding a belt at the narrowest part of your waist can instantly give you a lovely shape. Opt for thin belts and stay away from belts that clings the belly like a corset leaving unwanted love handles. Choose a bag in size that complements with your entire body frame. Tiny clutches might not be something you want to spend your money on.

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Be confident in what you wear. Whether you are a size 0 or size 18 you will never look fabulous if you do not carry yourself well in the clothes you wear. Being a plus size woman might not hit the ideal society parameters, but you must learn to embrace your body and be proud of it. Boost your confidence by looking up to inspirational women who had reached fashion mainstream while being curvalicious. Be fashion forward. Be your own judge about how you portrait yourself with the clothes you wear, because clothing is a second skin which reflects your personality. Simply be yourself.