Classic ring at

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Every women deserves to have such lovely ring from their man. Because women are like diamond that need to be treasure and to be treat like gems hence giving them out such luxurious ring is a must. I am actually pretty pleased to received mine, I hope someone is reading this post and eventually give me out one for myself, I just hope though.. But seriously! if you plan to have one for your girl I must suggest you a class ring at Because these kind of rings are ones elegant plus they’d always be on trends as we talk about jewelry and diamond piece. You can check out the shop I’ve mentioned for you to see on how great these rings are..

Favourite Fashion Brands

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Everyone of us has its owns favourite brands as for our own fashion styles. Because our style represent us, who we are and what character we always have. Hence, It is better for us to have wear something casual or at least can make us look neat as we go out as people are very judgmental as what they’d see in their bear eyes, which I think it’s a bad habits of merely of people in this world.

But since we wanted ourselves to be well and kinda avoid this kind of judgement from people, I must suggest you to have your outfit be dope and be appropriate in it by wearing the proper type of pieces in the certain occasions and gatherings. Though, most of us, I included, wants to shop in one store and have all I needed that is why I came up with this post here where am gonna listed out my favourite brands as for my fashion..

The Guess brand has been around for over 30 years. Hence, they built an reputation already in the fashion industry and most of their pieces are surely in quality but the prices hasn’t that much to spend.

Second brand I liked was this Hollister. Actually, this brand is one of the daily wear of mostly American because their designs were indeed versatile where you can wear them off anywhere and anytime of the time.

And Lastly I loved as forever21. If you happened o attend any casual events and sorts. I may suggest you to have your dress in them as mostly of their collection were casual and it can gives this girls feels in each of their women’s collections.

Okay, that will be all for now and please keep on checking me here for more fashion updates.