digi 003 at MF

I am looking for the digi 003 at MF. If happened if knew any shops, whether online and offline, please leave the link or direction below as I am too keen to have this thing before the end of the month. Because my music professor is requiring us to bring for the practicum that we trying to pull off soon. I really appreciate if you suggest any at the comment box. Thanks!

The Guitar Center

did you know that there was this guitar center that you can visit as you have any concern about your guitar? yes! they do. Actually, mostly in the states in America has this center where you can take your guitar in for confinement if you do not know on how to tune it up or if there’s any materials needed to be install and stuff. You can begin in check this website here: http://guitarcenter.com/ where you can see all the details you wanted to know.