Ways in Which You Are Damaging Your Hair Unknowingly

They say that a woman’s hair is her pride. While that is 100% true, most women in society have forgotten its importance. This does not mean that they treat their hair badly, but rather that they give little or no regard to how they treat it. They are not aware of the damage that they are causing with this indifferent approach. There are ways in which you can damage your hair even without realizing it. Listed below are some ways.

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Overusing wigs

It is true that using wigs is much easier than getting your hair done, but making it an addiction and relying on it entirely can affect the health of your hair quite badly. When a person starts to use wigs on a regular and continuous basis, they forget the fact that they have to care for their natural hair. What they can see and care about is the wig that they wear. Thus, the natural beauty of the hair is masked. This does not mean that the use of synthetic wigs Australia must be reduced, but rather, people should be more careful and responsible when using such products. As much as a wig can enhance your beauty, you have to remember that your beauty lies in your natural hair.

Applying the wrong products

How many of us actually pay attention the ingredients in the shampoo that we use? The answer is quite shocking. The fact that a famous celebrity uses the same product is no valid reason to trust it without proper research. You are spending a considerable amount of money in it and you trust your health with it. Therefore, you must be concerned about what exactly is in the products that you use. For example, the conditioner that you use can be contrastingly different to the shampoo that you use. Although it is not very important to use the same brand of the shampoo, it is better to do so since using various brands can damage your hair. Therefore, make sure that your shampoo, conditioner, hair gel and hair oil are of the same brand and are of the same standard.

Irregular care

There is no point in doing hairdos and hair repair massages if you only do it once in a while. Your hair is a part of your body that is very susceptible to wear and tear. Continuous exposure to dust and dirt can damage it to a great extent, which is why you need to take care of it on a regular basis. Although a monthly saloon appointment will make your hair look healthy and well-kept, internally, your hair may be damaged beyond repair. There are simple ways in which one could care for their hair and ensure that it is safe and healthy. For example, make sure that you comb and brush your hair as soon as you wake up and before you go to sleep. This will help you to reduce the knots in your hair and save it from being a tangled mess.

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Disregarding natural ailments

For some reason, society today relies heavily on artificial and chemical products when it comes to hair treatment. This probably might be due to the fact that most people are unaware of how much they can get out of natural products. For example, instead of bathing your hair with chemical conditioners, you can use natural coconut oil. This not only gives your hair the cooling it needs, but also ensures that the hair is not damaged during the cleansing process. There is no need for you to spend a fortune on hair products since some of these natural products can be grown in your own garden. This not only enables you to save a lot of money, but also gives you unlimited access to your hair products. This does not mean that you should stop using conditioners and such, but remember to make natural products your first priority when it comes to hair care.

Similar to the ones mentioned above, there are many more ways in which you are damaging your hair without realizing it. The only way to get out of that ignorant living style and save your hair for good is to understand the importance of your hair and do your research before investing in any hair care products.

Four Types of Jewellery All Brides Must Wear

As a woman, your wedding day is the most important occasion in your life. So it is important to look as beautiful as possible since you will be the centre of attraction at your wedding. Most women mainly concentrate on the wedding dress. Now, although this is important and must be bought in advance, a plain wedding dress can make you look too simple. In order to add a touch of elegance and grandiosity, you will have to wear certain accessories. Although these will increase your expenses, they will immensely increase your beauty as well. You must not overdo this since too much of jewellery can ruin the overall look. So here are some jewellery option that you can take into consideration.

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This is the most obvious and most important jewellery of the day. Even though you won’t be wearing it before the wedding, remember that you will be wearing it for the rest of your life. So make sure that you choose the right ring. You can easily find wedding rings Melbourne. You can either go for something very simple or customize a wedding ring for yourself. It is important to shop for the ring with your partner to ensure that you both choose something that suits your taste. You can either purchase it in gold, platinum or even silver, depending on your choice. Although they can cost thousands of dollars, it is worth the price since you only get married once – well, at least you hope so.


Wearing a necklace will bring some light into your face. It is a much better idea than wearing too much makeup. The necklace you wear mainly depends on your wedding dress. If you are wearing a low-cut bridal gown, you can go for something big and grand stoned with diamonds. If you are wearing a wedding gown with a broader neckline, then you must go for something simple like a single diamond or a neck-tight necklace. Do not purchase something that is too heavy since you will already to have to bear the weight of the wedding gown. Wearing a heavy necklace can put a lot of pressure on your neck and can give you a neck pain. So wear something that is beautiful yet comfortable.


Although they will be slightly covered by the veil, you must always wear earrings to your wedding. Some traditions consider the absence of earrings as inauspicious and thus have made it a compulsory element of a wedding. Anyhow, when shopping for earrings, you need to make sure that it suits your dress. Do not go for coloured earrings since they will definitely look out of place. Big and fancy earrings will give the same effect. Choose something that will compliment the dress that you wear since it will be more suitable for the occasion. In this case, you can consider small, white earrings. Pearls and diamonds would definitely look stunning, if you can afford them. Make sure that they are small and bring out the glow in your face.

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As they say, every woman is a queen. This phrase becomes even truer on your big day. You will definitely look like a princess in the eyes of everyone present at your wedding. While some consider a tiara to be over-the-top, you can always wear it if you want it. You need to make sure that it suits your wedding dress and fits in perfectly with the rest of your attire including the accessories and footwear. A diamond tiara is what most brides go for, but if you can’t afford it, you can always get something that fits your budget. You need to makes sure that the tiara is placed in the correct position since it can be difficult to place it with the veil. Moreover, since not all brides wear tiaras, you need to make it as unique as possible.

When purchasing all these jewellery, you need to make sure that they fit you perfectly well. These are not only valuable, but they are also memorable and sentimental. Thus, you cannot afford to lose them. If you cannot afford these luxuries, remember that the wedding jewellery is not what makes you a bride. The best jewellery you can wear for your wedding day is a smile and you can get it in abundance for free!


Clip-In Bangs: All the Cute, None of the Commitment

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You don’t have to look any further than a magazine in the grocery check-out line to see celebrities whose hair appears to magically grow overnight. Most seem to have an almost unlimited repertoire of hairstyles to accentuate their features and outfits. If you dream of having this same versatility in your personal style, you don’t need a fairy godmother or even a high-priced fashion consultant. A simple way to change up your look with no magic or large financial investment required is to try some clip-in bangs.

Mix It Up

The best thing about clip-in bangs is that to wear or not to wear them is a decision that is totally up to you. Furthermore, you don’t have to wear them the same way every day. The straight-across blunt cut look is one option that you can use with almost any hair style, including a pony tail. For a more romantic look, give your hair a deep part to one side and sweep the bangs across your forehead. A little hairspray will keep them in place all evening. You can make a totally different, more dramatic statement by parting the bangs straight down the middle, tucking or pinning back each half, and letting the long strands of your natural hair fall over them.

Accentuate Your Eyes, Minimize Your Age

Wearing bangs can dramatically change your appearance for the better. In general, fringe softens your look and draws attention straight to your eyes, making them the focal point of your face. People are more likely to describe you as “that girl with the big eyes,” and less likely to notice signs of aging such as lines above your eyebrows. With your forehead covered, your furrowed brow instantly vanishes from sight. You look younger for much less money and with none of the pain involved with a Botox injection.

Secretly Grow Out Your Real Bangs

If you have ever gone through the agonizingly long process of growing out your hair, you know how awkward you feel during the stages between having bangs and not having them. You also probably know that giving in to the temptation to trim them yourself can result in disaster. Unlike the hair that naturally grows out of your head, faux fringe always looks great and does not requiring trimming. A clip-in hair piece is a clever way to maintain your current hair style until you are ready to unveil your new look without bangs, and to avoid any down-time in-between.

With clip-in bangs you can choose to wear bangs or no bangs depending on how you feel. They are a fun and affordable way to change up your look without cutting your hair. Check out Hair2wear’s full-sweeping side fringe.

The Right Kind of Underwear For Your Body Shape

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Underwear is a part of life so omnipresent that sometimes it goes unnoticed. Some women don’t really care about the underwear they’re wearing but we should because wearing comfortable and beautiful underwear helps lift our self confidence and makes us feel more womanly. There’re several types of underwear that every woman should have. Briefs are a must-have if you want comfort and full coverage. They’re also called granny panties. Women should also buy boy shorts which is similar to the hipster only that they have a lower cut leg. Boy shorts take on a more rectangular shape than most panties.

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Probably the most common type of underwear is the bikini wherein the waistband is 3 inches below the natural waist and has high cut leg holes. There’s also the French-Cut or high cut panties. Their waist is the same as the classic brief but has high cut leg holes that rise just above the widest part of the thigh. Hipsters also called hip huggers feature low cut leg holes and has a waistband that sits on the hips 2 inches below the waist. Check out ZALORA if you’re looking for stylish panties that you think would suit you.

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For the more adventurous woman, there’s the G-string which has no rear coverage and provides little up front. Another sexy undergarment is the thongs which is often used if you’re wearing tight dresses and you don’t want any panty lines because it has no coverage on the butt. It’s important to wear the right panties for the type of body you have as well as your taste preference because the wrong ones can ruin your look. An underwear that’s too tight can draw attention to your bulges but the right one can accentuate your body’s best features so you can wear any dress you want.

Internet Shopping at Its Best

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Just like a lot of people, my fast-paced and busy lifestyle makes it hard for me to do much shopping. I would prefer to stay at home and catch up on my sleep during my days off rather than go out to brave the traffic and long queues at the mall. But thank God for online shopping because all that hassle I no longer have to go through. Its convenience is unprecedented. Plus, the whole process, from the shopping until delivery, is simple and fast. Furthermore, there are a multitude of online stores that sell unique and affordable items. Since I am into online shopping but quite frugal at the same time, I often look for websites where I can save some money. There is a website where you can save a lot on your purchases because they provide coupon and voucher codes and offer discounts. It is called iprice, which is actually a global group with sites in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hongkong, Thailand, and Vietnam. They assist you in finding what you want and then they hand you over to their trusted e-commerce partners to actually buy those products. Look at it as a platform where you will find all that you need from the most trusted online stores in Asia. Their categories include Electronics, Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Watches, Jewellery, Kids and Toys, Sports and Outdoors, Home and Living, and Beauty. They really live up to their slogan “Your One Stop Shopping Destination”.

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Furthermore, they are known as Asia’s best source for discounts, coupons, and voucher codes because they only post free vouchers and coupons and you do not have to be a member to avail. Going through the site is easy because it is simple and uncluttered. If ever you cannot find the item that you want, you can narrow your search by gender, price, brands, and stores. You also do not have to worry about expired codes and vouchers because the date of their validity is stated in the code. The number of brands they carry is increasing. Get coupons from partners like Bebe, GoDaddy, Groupon, Lazada, Melissa, and Zalora.

Best Hair Extensions at Hairbro.com

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We women, at often time. We really likes us to be more looking beautiful more than we used to. Because, lets admit, all girls are naturally vain hence they always wanted themselves to be looking chic or at least presentable as they went out. Me, myself is included on these group of gels who used to fixed ourselves for like an hour or two just to be look good and one of the best way to achive the look you wanted was simply implying any awesome hair extensions at hairbro.com.

Hairbro is one of the reputable online hair extension shop who only gives the best quality of human hair wigs and extensions. They also sells a great men’s toupee for all the guy out there who’d wished to cover up their quite baldness forehead or the total hair loss. Actually, having yourself one hair extension can really ease the work. Because you don’t have to give a fix on your hair most of the time hence you can save up time as you need to head in the certain place in a rush. Also, mostly hair wigs at hairbro are these in latest hairstyle so no need to go often at the nearest salon just to have your hair done. Yes! this how convenient of having one hair wigs or hair extension on your life.

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My cousin found the same thing as how I found the hairbro hair extensions to my life, I mean the convenient, it gives.Hence, she consider having an hair extension often than dragging herself to the salon when every time she needs the hair to be done…

You can also have one at hairbro.com and see the selection over there that can fits in to your own tastes when it comes to hair style.

A year subscription on the gym

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Other are pretty fortunate to have this tiny cute face shape ever since they were born and I had to admit that am kinda envy them for having that kind of feature. LOL but I know that I can have that either if I could just work hard my ass on the gym and doing so hard on my given routines. Hence, I better to get started and have my aimed body and skinny face later.. lol

Might most of you may find this funny, but yes it is.. ahah That I am pretty concerned on my face more than to my body because it does easily for me to get the face bigger or looking sore as I eaten any kind of salty foods, I think that’s called being a bloated, right? but what am trying to do now is to slowly change my total lifestyle by having only the leafy made of meals plus a great a amount of protein from poultry animals and let see after I month if does it works for me – of course, I’ll keep you posted on the progress as I notices any..hehe

By the way, I’ve already subscribed a year gym membership at gold’s gym near with us and who knows we might bumped onto soon, if s0 – don’t hesitate to say hi to me, okay? hehe

 photo 10933829_10203459956074843_8864047293366722062_n_zpsawtfqc5j.jpg

Actually, my main goal why I enrolled myself to a gym is to have this fit and strong body. Because my type of work is already unhealthy thus I needed to step up and seek for activities that can makes me more stronger and fit. Hence, hitting the gym is the best remedy and fine to do, right? I hope I can make it through with proper attitude and focus to it.

Alright, that will be all and please keep on checking me here. Because I am keen to post some of my exercise routines here for you to have an idea too on what best workouts that may works to you too..

Santa Monica Beach #California #USA

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I admit, I am a beach person. I dunno, I just feel relaxed when every time I go to any beaches nearby. Actually, back in the Philippines. I really hate going to any because I had this little phobia on the sea waves but since I used to it here, in the USA – beaches. I started to liking it more and more.. And now I know on how to have fun over the seashore and enjoy the moment to the fullest..

About the outfit I wore? Well, the jumpsuit is from macy’s and I’ve bought it for just 5 USD tax included, yeah I kno you might wondered why is so cheap? it is because I’ve used several discounted coupons that I printed out online and others is a gift vouchers that a friend gave. In the US you can enjoy the shopping as long you knew on how to do couponing, which the best ever way to have all things you’d needed in a very reasonable prices. I’ll blog about it – on how it works soon for you to have an idea on how I did it…

 photo 10929028_10203459957754885_4790866253060318023_n_zpsimdcble3.jpg

Meanwhile, let me share with you my fave swim wear. The one pink top is from khol’s and I have it for 20 USD, yes! it is quite expensive but worth to have because the piece is well comfortable and light which is the perfect and proper to wear in the beach.