Things To Do When In Philippines

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Philippines is a beautiful country, and other than it’s scenetic views, Philippines and its people has a lot to offers and one of it was being relaxed and having a time off on your daily stressor by getting yourself some good hour massage either have yourself a treats that can benefit your whole being. Actually, when we still resides in the Philippines last 4 years ago me and my family are have this Sunday bonding where me and mum are always on the rush at spa and doing our thing while husband, the dad and my brother are hanging at the hair men shop and doing their own things as well. That is why when we are here we used to it that we;re doing all these things are all these services are gold indeed in states, yes – pretty expensive to avail.

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When in Philippines, dont forget to have a sip of coconut water as it has a bunch of benefits to our body. Also, this coconut water is rarely can see in states hence it’s time for me to take advantage in it as it was pretty available anywhere in the country.

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And of course, bonding with friends can be missed out. Because it’s been so long already when we got to see each other thus we have a bunch of girls talk to do while am enjoying the vacation. Also, food tripping is our goal together with chitchatting.

When In Philippines

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As all know that me and my husband are got migrated here in states 4 years ago and since then we merely visit the country, Philippines, due of the workloads and other stuff that we needed to attend often. That is why we often misses the time where we still there and doing the things we used to do like hanging out with family every Sundays and visit these unusual food places to try out different dishes which aren’t that familiar with us. Also, to travel locally and explore on what’s the country has to offer. Yes! even though we’re Filipinos we still haven’t that familiar with sorts of places as the whole country is indeed huge and cant able to tour in one go.

When in Philippines:

One I’d really like to do is to go an adventure like trekking and mountain climbing as the whole country is a abundance with nature resources hence you should enjoy the beautiful sceneries as you find yourself one day roaming the country.

I’ll be listed out some of the places you should go as you decides to visit Philippines soon.

  • Tagaytag – This place is quite far in manila but it is worth it to visit as you can see all the beauty of nature. You can see able to see the small volcano in the middle of the lake which I know is rarely to see also you can enjoy the cold breeze air in here as the place is surrounded by small mountains and trees.
  • Baguio – As you go on this touristy place. I suggest you to have an anti dizzy pill as you have to go through in the zig zag roads going on the top of the mountain. You can also enjoy those kind-hearted indigenous people who wears a piece of clothes which I know can amazed you.
  • Bohol – If you are not that fond to go in the capital, Manila, I think you better go to bohol where the Tarsier are houses.. You can even enjoy seeing those mini mountains that we called Chocolate Hills.
  • Palawan – Last Year me and my family are got to see the beauty of Palawan and please do check my Philippines link at the sidebar for you to see those post card like pictures we’ve took.
  • Boracay – Of course, Boracay cant be abolish in the list as all tourists are keen to visit the island, as it well known of having a white sand beach.

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Boarding the Plane for our Palawan Tour

Okay, that will be all and please keep on tuning in here as I am posting some of our Palawan Pictures by my next posts hence hopefully you can read them up as I give some travel tips that may help you out in the future as you have planned to visit the Philippines- Palawan soon

Catching up with my siblings

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Being away to my family for quite a long time now, it’s not really an easy job for me. Because me and family ( specifically my siblings) are has this strong relationship even before I left the Philippines to join my husband in the US and settled down there for good. That is why when ever I got a chance Like this one, I see to it that we gone bonded and catching up each others life and knew on what’s each other getting busy off these days.

I don’t normally drive but this time Ive tried it though just to have this “siblings time” Though my brother is willing to change me as driver and still I insistently to drive them along till we reached our destination. By the way, we’ve gone to one of the best beaches here ; nearby where we’re residing. And we first did was to seat on this bench near at the beach and we just keep on talking till the sun has gone. Yes! that was a normal conversation for us and sorry, I cant disclose what are the things we had conversed to. But probably to show you some pictures of us by my next post, because like what Ive been said that this ph vacation would be my diary like posts over this site..

Philippines Arrival is

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This should be posted few months back. But due to my busyness and need to attend my most required daily job for me to survive, I cant able to post this up in the timely fashion hence please bear with my laziness for that. As I’ve blogged before that I am going to visit off my family in the Philippines together with my husband. We actually did it already and we’ve got a blast for our short vacation – which really I treasured a lot.

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When arriving in Manila, I haven’t noticed that my family got an camera with them to capture my ” model walks” toward to them.. LOl As you can see it on the photo on top. I must say, this was ironically snap of me and I did liked it though with no reason, I dunno.

Me and my husband is pretty much excited to see our family and to earn some experiences together again – Yes! we’re going to have an awesome vacation that would also be posted by my next post hence you should check me often here for my PH vacation photos and travel experiences.

Alrighty, that would be all for now because I intent to post my ph travel separately for me to sorted it out like a diary here.

Strawberries Picking in Baguio City, Philippines

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Actually, Ive already blogged this on my other site wherein , me with husband and my family, where gone to one of the awesome province in the Philippines, the Baguio city, while we’re there for a short vacation last year. But I can still feel the urge to blog it up again in here since am putting off some of my travel posts over this site. Hence, I better to include this experience as well here – though it’s already mentioned to the other site I’ve also owned.

Actually, we don’t plan at all to pick the strawberries because we’re more keen to go to those touristy places that we’re keep on seeing at the tourist advertisement on the television back in the states. But we ended up doing it which the most fun to do while you’ll find yourself one day roaming the place.

Baguio is the awesome place to unwind and to get rid of pollution that urban places are prone to. The air was really clean thus you can really get a breather as you visit the place.

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Of course, me and my husband wont leave the place without us having at least one snap. By the way, the strawberry prices are varies to the large of basket you’ve got. For small basket – the price is 100php while the biggest basket has a price of 250php and they’re not basing on the amount of strawberries you had picked, as long you had filled the basket you have, everything is fine.

Alright, that will be all for now and for more of my Philippines travel posts. Kindly click the banner on the left sidebar for you to see all of my awesome adventures to the country, Philippines.