Exquisite Wedding Gowns at Cocomelody


I know most of the women out there are quite sentimental as they heard about wedding. Because everyone is looking forward on their dreamt wedding to happened anytime soon. That’s why you should really prepare for it as you wanted it to be memorable and awesome indeed kind of ceremony.



Other couple are fond of preparing one year before the wedding date. Because there’s a bunch of things they should consider first and at the same time preparing for a wedding is not easy like you thinks. But of course, if you prepare as early as today everything will gone so smoothly on the awaited day, I assured. And for that being said, you can now start picking your own wedding gowns to wear. But if you were asking me, I’ll probably go or indeed suggest you these dresses: backless wedding dresses and open back wedding dresses because these were ones in demands thus they’re the trendiest to pick for today’s wedding that can assure you it does look good on you and you’ll probably got some compliment in it as they’re the most look forward type of wedding dresses these days.

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I know there’re a bunch of stores that you can choose from with on your wedding dresses and other gowns. But I think you should first check out this shop called Cocomelody where all the exquisite and elegant kind of gowns are houses. The shop is pretty legit and they can even work on your own design as you prefers it. No worries then, because they’ve got a lot of talented staff who can assist you happily and give on what you just expect.

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Favourite Fashion Brands

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Everyone of us has its owns favourite brands as for our own fashion styles. Because our style represent us, who we are and what character we always have. Hence, It is better for us to have wear something casual or at least can make us look neat as we go out as people are very judgmental as what they’d see in their bear eyes, which I think it’s a bad habits of merely of people in this world.

But since we wanted ourselves to be well and kinda avoid this kind of judgement from people, I must suggest you to have your outfit be dope and be appropriate in it by wearing the proper type of pieces in the certain occasions and gatherings. Though, most of us, I included, wants to shop in one store and have all I needed that is why I came up with this post here where am gonna listed out my favourite brands as for my fashion..

The Guess brand has been around for over 30 years. Hence, they built an reputation already in the fashion industry and most of their pieces are surely in quality but the prices hasn’t that much to spend.

Second brand I liked was this Hollister. Actually, this brand is one of the daily wear of mostly American because their designs were indeed versatile where you can wear them off anywhere and anytime of the time.

And Lastly I loved as forever21. If you happened o attend any casual events and sorts. I may suggest you to have your dress in them as mostly of their collection were casual and it can gives this girls feels in each of their women’s collections.

Okay, that will be all for now and please keep on checking me here for more fashion updates.

Top 5 Websites To Buy Mini Dresses Online in Singapore

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If you want to create your own style statement in today’s fashionable world- where everyone is trying his or her best to look like a celebrity, then you have to be very particular about the dresses what you wear.

Much humbly I will like to put that I am not much in favor of copying the dressing sense of celebrities. They may be fashions icons, the brand ambassador of many big names in the market, but then there is no guarantee that you will look smart and dashing by simply copying or following their style statements. Instead you should try to find out what suits best on you. Try to create a style statement of your own.

Mini dresses are the ultimate things for bold and confident women. It’s one of the safest and surest ways to rule the atmosphere around you! You can create that unique-your own individual type of effect with any dresses by emphasizing on some aspects of it. You can also make it look different by pairing it with any complementary clothes or accessories.

If I want to say in one line that if you want to look bold, beautiful, powerful, appealing and electrifying at the same time, then mini dresses are the best thing that you can wear! But you have to be conscious and concerned about the limit of it, otherwise some extra revealing types can also break your day! So just check that it doesn’t cross that thin line of modesty! Plus be confidant about the way you are carrying it.

You can check these websites if you want to captivate others with your looks on the floor.

  1. Groupon

If you want to buy mini dresses online in Singapore, then first place where you should search is Groupon. Now you will ask me why? The reason is very simple and clear. It is due to the kind of exceptional deals with which it treats it customers. Just go there and check whether it is exciting enough to change your heart or not.

  1. Rakuten

One thing I will like to write very sincerely about Rakuten. You will never get bored of shopping on Rakuten. It is due to the kind of varieties that it offers to the shoppers. Next thing is that its prices are also very reasonable.

  1. Zalora

On Zalora, lovely Mini dresses in vibrant colors are so much attractive that will compel you to click the very first option that comes on your screen. Some of the brands that you may like are River Island, Ministry of Retail and Inner Circle.

  1. Qoo10

For mini dresses this is an ultimate place. If you can believe even one percent on what others say then never miss this place! You can find mini dresses of any design and color on Qoo10. You will get tired of searching the collections but the list will not lie to rest.

  1. Reebonz

It is again a wonderful place for buying mini dresses of any designs, styles or cut. Whatever may be your choice but you will certainly get it here on Reebonz. I am not saying this just for the sake of saying something. You will know the truth when you will come across it. So it’s better time to go there and judge the facts about it.

70’s Inspired Birthday Party

 photo 1904125_922486351108675_4125468179625278398_n_zpsflhqmsrn.jpg

Firstly, all I can say is wow. Yes! just wow. Because this was my very first time to act up like were in the 80’s era and wear these sorts of lovely colorful dresses, yes even my husband cant exempt himself on wearing what supposed to. hehe

We both got our customs online for like 10 usd each which I think is a good deal already because as I’ve remembered when my brother have to wear to, I bought his for like 40 usd not included the accessories that can spice up the whole outfit. So – this probably the good deal we’ve got for this theme party.

 photo 10978714_924112297612747_9209944364673065986_n_zpsokgzhj11.jpg

Of course, if there’s a party, there’s a group photo as well – that can be abolished at all. Since everyone’s looking forward to it and have the picture on as souvenir. We’re all set for sunnies then we’ve made it like quite formal snap but of course we should have the wacky one just to ease the moment..

 photo 10917283_924110327612944_1797198859522086553_n_zpspbjzjcnk.jpg

Everyone’s fond doing the peace signs while the little kid out there is busy if her mother’s sunnies is real or not – she’s probably checking it..And we’re all wear our best smile and capture the precious moment. Indeed, the party is a blast and we really enjoyed it till the end..

Okay, that will be all for now and I hope you can tune in more here for more of my personal posts and some other tips that are related to fashion and travels..

Got Some Birthday Presents From Family

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I am so happy and fortunate to have such thoughtful, loving and generous family who’re always remembering my cake day then prepared their each present for me to be happy on my day..

My brother who’s currently resides in the Philippines are sent over these MK bag and Tory Burch sandals on my way. I think he just bought these somewhere online and he just shipped it out to my address for his convenient.

 photo 10868242_899618453396180_3957661553164476204_n_zps1hk5bcox.jpg

While my husband and his family are greatly given these awesome expensive bags. I dunno, what to feel right now because I didn’t expect this at all, where all my eye-ing stuff are ones given me as my birthday presents. How lucky I am right? I will surely treasure these gifts and use them carefully for them to be lasted for good years..

Trying out the Maxi Dress @ Macy’s #Shopping

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Often times, when I’ve got some free times. I see to it to visit any mortar stores or the mall nearby. Of course, I needed to de-stress myself from the toxic workloads am getting in everyday at work which makes me feel quite tired of it hence I really need to have my “Me” time and enjoy the day by myself alone for me to get energize and be ready for tomorrow’s tasks.

One of the best things that girls can do to abolish their stressor was to go shopping and buy off all the chic finds they could find. Though that isn’t healthy at all because there were tendency of you being  broke then all you have to do is to wait until the next paycheck to roll. But on my end, I’d already separated the bills for shopping and the bills for the debts and other necessarily to pay as for monthly fee and thingy. That is why am quite enjoying myself while I do my shopping..hehe

What I’ve got from yesterday’s shopping was this lovely long maxi dress from macy’s. The dress is real pretty and has it’s illusion that can make you look taller than you are. Look my picture on the top, I may look taller on it but in reality am just an 5’5 tall lady. I just bought the dress for like 10 USD included the tax already which I found pretty reasonable for such great finds, right? – so then, I’ve decided to take it, run over the cashier and brought it home. And eventually to wear it off soon for our summer getaway..

Attending Company’s Year-end Party

 photo 10603565_10203459958914914_4590019997700357504_n_zpsay9kq6va.jpg

Yearly, our company hold an meeting and party at the same time for us employees to keep going. And everyone should come and enjoy the day since it was in the memo that we all should be there.

Since it’s also a meeting, we should wear off something propitiate to it hence I’d ended up wearing a dress which I top it up with a blazer just to be look fine on the meeting though am keen more to party than to the meeting.. Lol The good thing of this outfit was, I can dress down as am ready to party on – right after the meeting. Others brought extra clothes for the party alone but at my end, what I did was – I just mix and match clothes that can be fits on both meeting and party..

The blazer is from kohl’s, I forgot the brand though. But I just bought it for 5 USD, if I am not mistaken. And the dress is from the company I used to work with on my site detodoeuropa.com for collaboration..While the wedge is from macy’s which has a price of 20 USD. How do I look on this outfit? do I pull it off? lemme know please..

Santa Monica Beach #California #USA

 photo 10929911_10203459958394901_6426474001481594294_n_zpsu1nkaf9s.jpg

I admit, I am a beach person. I dunno, I just feel relaxed when every time I go to any beaches nearby. Actually, back in the Philippines. I really hate going to any because I had this little phobia on the sea waves but since I used to it here, in the USA – beaches. I started to liking it more and more.. And now I know on how to have fun over the seashore and enjoy the moment to the fullest..

About the outfit I wore? Well, the jumpsuit is from macy’s and I’ve bought it for just 5 USD tax included, yeah I kno you might wondered why is so cheap? it is because I’ve used several discounted coupons that I printed out online and others is a gift vouchers that a friend gave. In the US you can enjoy the shopping as long you knew on how to do couponing, which the best ever way to have all things you’d needed in a very reasonable prices. I’ll blog about it – on how it works soon for you to have an idea on how I did it…

 photo 10929028_10203459957754885_4790866253060318023_n_zpsimdcble3.jpg

Meanwhile, let me share with you my fave swim wear. The one pink top is from khol’s and I have it for 20 USD, yes! it is quite expensive but worth to have because the piece is well comfortable and light which is the perfect and proper to wear in the beach.