Check Dresslily’s Peplum Dresses Online

Do you on lookout for casual outfit to pull off soon? If so, why not checking this lovely shop called where all the casual and even formal wearings are houses and selling for a very reasonable prices. You can now go and check the shop yourself now for you to see on how lovely and chic their dresses were especially the dressLily peplum dress. Because this shop offers a bunch of this type of dress here, peplum, that I can assure you’ll enjoy about.

Bodycon Peplum Dress

Sleeveless Peplum Work Dress

Floral Embroidered Mesh Insert Mini Peplum Dress

Actually, I am not fond in other online shop beside to the one I’ve recently promoted. But as I dig further and see what this shop could offer us, I just realized that they’re quite same to the other 2 shops I have mentioned before which the rosegal and zaful when it comes to the quality of items and to their item’s pricing ranges. Hence, if you are looking for the best fashion finds to get you should then take a look on this shop first, Dresslily, before others because they’ve got you covered in any finds you’d be needing as for the fashion speaks.

String Halter Peplum Floral Swimsuit

Plus Size Floral Peplum Tankini Set

High Waisted Striped Peplum Tankini Set

Furthermore, the shop, dresslily, has offering some peplum inspired swimwear that you could sport off this summer season and their swimwear varies on the designs and demand. But overrall, their collection of swimwear are too fine and cheap to have. Go check the shop now and see what finds may get your interests with.

All Quirky Fashion Finds At

If you are a fashion enthusiasts like myself, you’re probably down as well with these quirky stuff that we can add up to your wardrobe and so. Because these quirky finds in fashion can really stands out among the rest and they usually gone been in trend for the longest time hence getting yourself one is like making yourself a favor when it comes to your fashion, I must say. But of course, if you wont these pieces at all, it’s okay as this shop called caters all the classic, legend, superb fashion finds that you could even found nowadays in the market. So, you better to check them out first before considering in buying through brands that has a hefty price tags.

Bohemian Tribe Print Long Fitted Mermaid Dress

Cap Sleeve Short African Style Print Dress

Printed Floor Length Mermaid Dress

Actually, I have lurked the shop,, for quite a long now and I even tried to buy off some stuff as well where I’ve bought a nicely done African dress – click here for selections, for my company annual theme meeting. And I can attest myself that their finds here are too in quality at the same time too cheap to get that wont breaks the pocket that much in compare if you buy off same at the branded stores at the mall.

Big Flower Print V Neck Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Surplice Floral Printed Skater Dress

High Slit V-neck Floral Flowy Chiffon Dress

In addition, the shop also fond in selling some summer dresses that you surely enjoy in looking and even buying. Because each of their summer dress has it’s own unique designs that can make stand out among others, for sure. Go check their shop today and see what fashion finds really gets your interests.

Best online shop For Summer

Summer and spring is just around the corner or you might having them already on your country. But on my end, it’s still quite cold and I don’t see the spring yet to come. But hopefully, it will happened soon. Anyway, I just wanna share with you all this online superb online shop called where all the chic finds for both men and women fashion where indeed houses and selling for there reasonable prices. Actually, this was my first time in seeing online shop like this which can give us all the quality of products we’d be wanting it in a very cheapest prices. Go check the shop yourself and see on how the shop works!

Summer Essentials

For the preparation for the summer. Of course, you should have to have these finds that are perfectly for the season, the summer. And let me help you out by listed out items here on which are the items you should get as the summer season comes.

Oval UV Protection Sunglasses

First off to the list was a fine sunnies or other called them sunglasses. Because these sunnies can help you to protect your eyes to the sun ray that may give you trouble in a long run as you wont wear any throughout the summer season. Good thing that has their own collection of Sunglasses on their shop that you can click here.

Lemon Print High Cut Bikini Set 

After you’ve got your best accessories to kill for summer. It’s just right for you to make your summer styling on point and getting a nicely done swimwear from Zaful is really a must! you can also check their wide array of collection on their swimwear section on their page.

Ribbed Cropped Honey Embroidered Tank Top

And the lastly you could have for summer to complete your outfit was these light tops from Because these tops are too trendy these days and they’re so cheap to get among the other same tops available today in the market. Hence, you should get yours at Zaful for you to enjoy your shopping experience.

Halloween stickers For Sale At

Home Decor Halloween Witch Shape DIY Wall Stickers

As we all know that the eventful Halloween is fast approaching now and by this time, a lot of people where preparing by putting decoration and even making some pastries that has a spooky theme and designs for kids. But do you know that the most essentials that you should have in decorating for spooky day was this Halloween stickers that you can only buy at the online store called Yes! because these stickers were indeed awesome and they have a great graphics for the event that can amazed by many.

Window Halloween Hand 3D Wall Art Sticker

Also, these stickers at were too big which you can hang up to your corridor, garden and even to your dinning area for the perfect accentual for the all soul day before you can change it in the Christmas theme. Actually, I really like this kind of vibe inside my room hence I am thinking of in buying for like 4 designs that I can put up around house and one inside my room alone. You can check out the designs on the give link for your consideration and am pretty sure that you would amazed on how they are look like.

3D Hand Pumpkin Halloween Wall Sticker

And if you are looking for the Halloween customs and other stuff for this event. You can have your one stop shop at as they’ve got you covered in all aspect when in regard to Halloween. Try though to check over their site and tell me if I am not telling you the truth. Furthermore, they are also selling out some fine clothing in both men and women, just wanna you know, and their items were really reasonable and cheap in comparison to the same shop as them so if you are eyeing for some clothes you better to consider them first before others!

Classy Red Homecoming Dresses

Looking for the best and classy type of dresses to wear for your upcoming homecoming party? if so, why not checking this shop called where all the lovely and chic dresses were houses and selling over for the very cheap prices. If you dont believe me at all I think you should now head and check the shop yourself for you to see on how great the quality were of their each dresses were. Actually, I had bought one already hence I am suggesting it to you all. Because I know the quality already and am telling you, I an even attest, that their dress are superb and at the same time it wont break your wallet much as for the price wise.

Red Homecoming Dress With Belt

Red Homecoming Dress With Belt

If you are now into shop mentioned. I think you should check the page for homecoming dresses under 100 also this page link here: Because this page really gives you an idea on how great they are because not all the online shops, same to them, are fond in giving out discounted dresses and yet still in trend and designs were on point still, like them. Hence you should really consider them if you are really in lookout for the best dresses to kill for your homecoming party. And to those into short or mini dresses, no worries too as the shop really offers of this kind all you have to do is to check the short dress page for you to see the wide array of selections for this type.

Homecoming Dress With Beadings

Homecoming Dress With Beadings

And if you were asking me though on what type, specifically, of dress would I recommend you. I’ll then suggest this lovely red homecoming dresses. Because these dresses are quirky and strong that can gives sexiness and being a strong woman vibes as you wears any of them. And good thing was, the shop sassymyprom has it all and they have the differ designs of this kind of your consideration. Just check on the shop and see what’s really gets your interests.


Long curly human hair wigs

On today’s fashion trend. Women are more fond and open minded unlike before where people were only sticking in what’s basic and what are just there to wear where Ive found quite tiring though because of the simplicity of the classic looks before. But good thing, that fashion today is very versatile and colorful where you can able to mix and matches finds base on your prefers as long as you have this confident to pull it off and most probably it may turn out really good, as the fashion today is very deserve than before. That’s why I wont that shocked when Ive learned that even wigs today are can be sort of accessory for women. Yes! you heard it right that you can even wear some wigs in you without hesitation that you can buy off only at here shop called:

The shop offers a lot of wigs from basic down to the styled and colored ones. All you have to do is to browse the shop up and see for yourself on how great this shop is by having the most quality and yet reasonable type of wigs for yourself.

Women Straight 26 Inches Lace Front Cap 120% Human Hair USD $ 296.89

But if you really asking me though, in which type of wig is really on the top, I mean the trending one – I must suggest you to have this 26 inches front cap long curly human hair wigs that is being offer only at just go ahead or better yet click up the photo picture at top for you to direct where you can buy off this kind of wig. Good news too, as the shop,, is offering some discounted code to use for you to have your item’s discounted just check the shop for more further details.

Girls, Should Be Confidently Beautiful

 photo short-sleeve-sheath-o-neck-sweep-train-chiffon-black-white-side-split-two-piece-prom-dress-wnpd0526_4_zpsupg4bmrx.jpgShort Sleeve Sheath O-Neck Sweep Train Chiffon Black White Side Split Two Piece Prom Dress$136.00

As you can see, I often blog up some sort of girl empowerment in here as I really need to, as I am a young lady myself, in this way I can gives strength over my readers and have their confident back to makes them beautiful on their own as what am doing right now. Hence, Let me gives you some “tips” here for you to make yourself beauty.

First on the list is attitude. Yes! you should learn on how you can present yourself in public, you should then have a kind heart and yet the decision making is quite tough that you wouldn’t shaken of whatever it is be. Also, girls should learn on how to love their selves first before giving the part on the other party because by doing this you can really empower your total being, as a woman. Of course, as you love yourself that much the confident will then follow and show it naturally on your total appearances.

 photo a-line-o-neck-lace-crop-top-satin-skirt-sheer-long-sleeve-navy-blue-two-piece-prom-dress-wnpd0527_4_zps7vun2zhk.jpg

A-Line O-Neck Lace Crop Top Satin Skirt Sheer Long Sleeve Navy Blue Two Piece Prom Dress$153.00

And second to the list was learn the best dress that can compliment on the body you have. Because there’s such dresses that are meant only on the certain type of body hence you have to know that too. But if you want you can check out winniedress shop where all the dresses were listed hence basically you can learn a lot by just scanning their shop alone as the shop inputs details in each dress they selling. also sells two piece prom dresses for all the lovely teens out there who has their upcoming promenade night happened and not just that because they did also separate their prom dresses under 200 for you to easily browse up for your consideration.

If you then pleased to their shop now, it does right then to follow them over their social channels for you to update yourself often on their ongoing promotional campaigns and others:


Exquisite Wedding Gowns at Cocomelody


I know most of the women out there are quite sentimental as they heard about wedding. Because everyone is looking forward on their dreamt wedding to happened anytime soon. That’s why you should really prepare for it as you wanted it to be memorable and awesome indeed kind of ceremony.



Other couple are fond of preparing one year before the wedding date. Because there’s a bunch of things they should consider first and at the same time preparing for a wedding is not easy like you thinks. But of course, if you prepare as early as today everything will gone so smoothly on the awaited day, I assured. And for that being said, you can now start picking your own wedding gowns to wear. But if you were asking me, I’ll probably go or indeed suggest you these dresses: backless wedding dresses and open back wedding dresses because these were ones in demands thus they’re the trendiest to pick for today’s wedding that can assure you it does look good on you and you’ll probably got some compliment in it as they’re the most look forward type of wedding dresses these days.

 photo Wedding-Dresses_zpsn2vyrfgy.jpg

I know there’re a bunch of stores that you can choose from with on your wedding dresses and other gowns. But I think you should first check out this shop called Cocomelody where all the exquisite and elegant kind of gowns are houses. The shop is pretty legit and they can even work on your own design as you prefers it. No worries then, because they’ve got a lot of talented staff who can assist you happily and give on what you just expect.


Favourite Fashion Brands

 photo received_966250950066263_zpscc5nxppl.jpeg

Everyone of us has its owns favourite brands as for our own fashion styles. Because our style represent us, who we are and what character we always have. Hence, It is better for us to have wear something casual or at least can make us look neat as we go out as people are very judgmental as what they’d see in their bear eyes, which I think it’s a bad habits of merely of people in this world.

But since we wanted ourselves to be well and kinda avoid this kind of judgement from people, I must suggest you to have your outfit be dope and be appropriate in it by wearing the proper type of pieces in the certain occasions and gatherings. Though, most of us, I included, wants to shop in one store and have all I needed that is why I came up with this post here where am gonna listed out my favourite brands as for my fashion..

The Guess brand has been around for over 30 years. Hence, they built an reputation already in the fashion industry and most of their pieces are surely in quality but the prices hasn’t that much to spend.

Second brand I liked was this Hollister. Actually, this brand is one of the daily wear of mostly American because their designs were indeed versatile where you can wear them off anywhere and anytime of the time.

And Lastly I loved as forever21. If you happened o attend any casual events and sorts. I may suggest you to have your dress in them as mostly of their collection were casual and it can gives this girls feels in each of their women’s collections.

Okay, that will be all for now and please keep on checking me here for more fashion updates.

The Power of a Pair of Heels

There is something to be said about women and high heels…they have the ability to command a certain unspoken power: the power to grab attention, especially from men, when they enter a room and the power to project an air of confidence in their stride. Many celebrities and people in the limelight know this so have used high heels to their full advantage. Some go as far as wearing them in the most unexpected situations, too. Huffington Post photographed Sofia Vergara on the beach in her high heels, Elizabeth Banks riding a bike in her high heels and Kim Kardashian in her third trimester of pregnancy in her high heels. Even celebrity children like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter, Suri Cruise, was spotted in a pair of child sized high heels. The high heels these celebrities wear are usually the designer ones like Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutins. Most of us would probably never own a pair of these designer shoes because of their expensive price tags. Some of us might even associate heels with super models or socialites with an active night life. Not anymore, thanks to the popular celebrities who made wearing heels fashionable and classy. However, unlike these celebrities, we don’t have to own a pair of Jimmy Choos or any other expensive designer shoe to look as good because there are similar shoes that are more affordable from heels Australia online.

 photo heels_zpsnetujply.png

Heels for “dummies”

Aren’t all heels the same? No because there are sky high heels, platforms heels and chunky heels. Then there are sub-categories within these three categories such as lace-up heels, pumps, caged heels, block heels, low heels and high heels. Lace-up heels have ankle ties that wrap around the foot and ankle. Pumps, sometimes called court shoes, have a low cut front and are usually closed toe without a fastening, though you can buy open toe pumps now with ankle straps. Caged heels are shoes that look like pumps or booties with cut outs to look like sandals and to give your feet the effect of being in a “cage.” Block heels are shoes with a wooden stacked block heel. They are reported to be very comfortable for all day wear. Low heels are shoes that have approximately 5-9 cm heels as opposed to 11 cm and above. These are like practice heels for people who are not brave enough to jump straight into sky high heels. And finally, high heels are those sky high heels that many models and celebrities rock.

 photo heels1_zps8wi0mxug.png

Do we really need so many types of heels?

Yes because we have so many types of people, personalities, events and seasons. Lace-up heels look great in the day and night, and can be worn with skinny jeans in winter or a cocktail dress in the evening. Pumps give a more formal look, so are great for adding chic to casual wear or when you just want to look business-like in your work clothes. Caged heels are great for summer because they are like stylish sandals which can be worn with shorts and a blazer to create a chic look. Block heels are comfortable and great for people who want to look good all day without giving up on their heels. As mentioned earlier, low heels are great for people who want the attractive effect that sky high heels give to their legs minus the skills needed to balance on such high heels. Sky high heels are very flattering and eye-catching. They have a way of drawing the observer’s eyes to the legs of the wearer as if to announce that the wearer is in the room. They are great for evening wear, summer drinks and spring racing season and a must have item for anyone who wants to look glamorous.

Where to buy good quality high heel shoes?

There are many online shoe stores that can give Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin a run for their money because they offer a similar range of stylish and fashionable shoes minus the expensive price tag. Being online, they offer convenient shopping in the comfort of your own home. They stock locally and overseas made shoes, can deliver to customers living anywhere in Australia and overseas and usually stock a wider range than on-site shoe stores because they operate from a warehouse.