Strawberries Picking in Baguio City, Philippines

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Actually, Ive already blogged this on my other site wherein , me with husband and my family, where gone to one of the awesome province in the Philippines, the Baguio city, while we’re there for a short vacation last year. But I can still feel the urge to blog it up again in here since am putting off some of my travel posts over this site. Hence, I better to include this experience as well here – though it’s already mentioned to the other site I’ve also owned.

Actually, we don’t plan at all to pick the strawberries because we’re more keen to go to those touristy places that we’re keep on seeing at the tourist advertisement on the television back in the states. But we ended up doing it which the most fun to do while you’ll find yourself one day roaming the place.

Baguio is the awesome place to unwind and to get rid of pollution that urban places are prone to. The air was really clean thus you can really get a breather as you visit the place.

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Of course, me and my husband wont leave the place without us having at least one snap. By the way, the strawberry prices are varies to the large of basket you’ve got. For small basket – the price is 100php while the biggest basket has a price of 250php and they’re not basing on the amount of strawberries you had picked, as long you had filled the basket you have, everything is fine.

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Santa Monica Beach #California #USA

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I admit, I am a beach person. I dunno, I just feel relaxed when every time I go to any beaches nearby. Actually, back in the Philippines. I really hate going to any because I had this little phobia on the sea waves but since I used to it here, in the USA – beaches. I started to liking it more and more.. And now I know on how to have fun over the seashore and enjoy the moment to the fullest..

About the outfit I wore? Well, the jumpsuit is from macy’s and I’ve bought it for just 5 USD tax included, yeah I kno you might wondered why is so cheap? it is because I’ve used several discounted coupons that I printed out online and others is a gift vouchers that a friend gave. In the US you can enjoy the shopping as long you knew on how to do couponing, which the best ever way to have all things you’d needed in a very reasonable prices. I’ll blog about it – on how it works soon for you to have an idea on how I did it…

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Meanwhile, let me share with you my fave swim wear. The one pink top is from khol’s and I have it for 20 USD, yes! it is quite expensive but worth to have because the piece is well comfortable and light which is the perfect and proper to wear in the beach.