Riding 4 wheel Drive Motor @ Palm Springs

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Living in the state is really a no joke. Because it can makes you hella busy each day where you couldn’t able to do anything else besides working your ass at the company where you’re in. Actually, me and my husband are see to it to find time together and get the day fun by just doing anything that we haven’t yet do and we’d really look forward on that day to happened – which having some time off together.

Actually, this recently, we’ve got an invitation from family friends to hang out with them for palm springs adventures and when I said adventures I meant the 4 wheel drive motors which me and the husband is eager to do long time ago now. Luckily, we’ve got friends who can accompany us and enjoy this fantastic moment together.

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 photo 10985903_924235497600427_7375455369017753093_n_zps7ihoashe.jpg

We did it. Though it is quite hard to handle the motor itself because I am not used on this kind of vehicle at all. But that lovely young lady over there. She actually easily hand the motor without her sweats on, I dunno on how she can did it but I think she’s really good on learning new things such as this that am bad with.. hehe

Overall, this experience is superb and I hope to do it again soon as we got a great amount of work’s leaves. Okay, that will be all for now and please keep on checking me here for more adventures,fashion and travels updates.

70’s Inspired Birthday Party

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Firstly, all I can say is wow. Yes! just wow. Because this was my very first time to act up like were in the 80’s era and wear these sorts of lovely colorful dresses, yes even my husband cant exempt himself on wearing what supposed to. hehe

We both got our customs online for like 10 usd each which I think is a good deal already because as I’ve remembered when my brother have to wear to, I bought his for like 40 usd not included the accessories that can spice up the whole outfit. So – this probably the good deal we’ve got for this theme party.

 photo 10978714_924112297612747_9209944364673065986_n_zpsokgzhj11.jpg

Of course, if there’s a party, there’s a group photo as well – that can be abolished at all. Since everyone’s looking forward to it and have the picture on as souvenir. We’re all set for sunnies then we’ve made it like quite formal snap but of course we should have the wacky one just to ease the moment..

 photo 10917283_924110327612944_1797198859522086553_n_zpspbjzjcnk.jpg

Everyone’s fond doing the peace signs while the little kid out there is busy if her mother’s sunnies is real or not – she’s probably checking it..And we’re all wear our best smile and capture the precious moment. Indeed, the party is a blast and we really enjoyed it till the end..

Okay, that will be all for now and I hope you can tune in more here for more of my personal posts and some other tips that are related to fashion and travels..

Enjoying the pool with friends

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Good thing, me and my husband has a bunch of true good friends to hang with. Though we’d still got the cold breeze air that the winter season brings we can still managed to dip in to pool and enjoy the rest of the day with it. Actually, we and this lovely family friends are planned to have our family date each month where we could do anything like hiking, joy ride, visiting new places and this simply dipping in to the pool, as long as we’re together and share the awesome day together all are gonna be fab.

 photo 10998876_924147154275928_7985448937195681908_n_zpsiqbu3ioh.jpg

Look how happy my handsome husband is. He really likes to have this free time and do some de-stressing stuff like this one and I hope we can have some time off from work hence we can do more same as this.

 photo 11008398_924194344271209_6012992816042678166_n_zpsgauwlmdm.jpg

I actually chilling when I got to the water but it still fine though because the one important is, the company that we and our friends shares that day and the experience that we gonna treasure for long time..

Having fun playing the snow

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It’s oddly to see the snowing falling here in Cali. Because we haven’t have this literally winter, I mean with snow around. That is why when we saw the snow outside I really cant help myself to play with it and to have fun.

 photo 10898003_908592025832156_2139045351928463598_n_zps9hbvmvti.jpg

 photo 10897889_908591882498837_8260383360025449438_n_zpsof38evau.jpg

We tried the snowball throwing and to build a snowman but I forgot though to take a picture on it since we’ve rushed home because we just realized that it’s time to prepare for our work duty after an hour. Hence we cant take some snaps of this rare event.

Got Some Birthday Presents From Family

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I am so happy and fortunate to have such thoughtful, loving and generous family who’re always remembering my cake day then prepared their each present for me to be happy on my day..

My brother who’s currently resides in the Philippines are sent over these MK bag and Tory Burch sandals on my way. I think he just bought these somewhere online and he just shipped it out to my address for his convenient.

 photo 10868242_899618453396180_3957661553164476204_n_zps1hk5bcox.jpg

While my husband and his family are greatly given these awesome expensive bags. I dunno, what to feel right now because I didn’t expect this at all, where all my eye-ing stuff are ones given me as my birthday presents. How lucky I am right? I will surely treasure these gifts and use them carefully for them to be lasted for good years..

It’s Snowing at Palm Springs peak # California # USA

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Though we’re in the states – we still rarely sees the snows falling. Because we were in the state where snows aren’t showing when the winter comes. But there’s an remote area like in the palm springs resorts where you can go in and see on how pretty this white cold thing falling from the sky. I’d still feel amused when every time I see this wonderful white tiny ice, I dunno, It’s just feels surreal to me still when I sees a place that are surrounds with snows.

My husband and I are decided to heads to palm springs for us to enjoy the cold place and play with the snow a little. Though, we haven’t the proper wear for it and still we managed it and bears the cold breeze blowing – overall this little trip is awesome and if we got some times, might be next year, I probably go back here again but with my winter wear for sure an enjoy the moment and catch the beautiful scenery more.

Okay, that’s all for now and looking forward to see you again here for more of my personal updates and trips.

A year subscription on the gym

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Other are pretty fortunate to have this tiny cute face shape ever since they were born and I had to admit that am kinda envy them for having that kind of feature. LOL but I know that I can have that either if I could just work hard my ass on the gym and doing so hard on my given routines. Hence, I better to get started and have my aimed body and skinny face later.. lol

Might most of you may find this funny, but yes it is.. ahah That I am pretty concerned on my face more than to my body because it does easily for me to get the face bigger or looking sore as I eaten any kind of salty foods, I think that’s called being a bloated, right? but what am trying to do now is to slowly change my total lifestyle by having only the leafy made of meals plus a great a amount of protein from poultry animals and let see after I month if does it works for me – of course, I’ll keep you posted on the progress as I notices any..hehe

By the way, I’ve already subscribed a year gym membership at gold’s gym near with us and who knows we might bumped onto soon, if s0 – don’t hesitate to say hi to me, okay? hehe

 photo 10933829_10203459956074843_8864047293366722062_n_zpsawtfqc5j.jpg

Actually, my main goal why I enrolled myself to a gym is to have this fit and strong body. Because my type of work is already unhealthy thus I needed to step up and seek for activities that can makes me more stronger and fit. Hence, hitting the gym is the best remedy and fine to do, right? I hope I can make it through with proper attitude and focus to it.

Alright, that will be all and please keep on checking me here. Because I am keen to post some of my exercise routines here for you to have an idea too on what best workouts that may works to you too..

Brunch @ Sizzler

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At one fine afternoon, with no plan at all – me and the husband decided to go anywhere and let our feet be wandered and enjoy the rest of the day. We’ve been to the nearby casino and resorts just to check on how does their card dealer works since we’re one too. In away, we’re gathering information or techniques rather on how we can make our job well – for us to be fine on this field. But ironically, instead of us observing we ended up filling our tummy at sizzler..hehe Good thing! sizzler has something good to offer which a free baby back ribs in every 10 usd spent.

 photo 11004937_626182127514513_607372896_n_zps54a9237c.jpg

Me and my husband enjoyed these meals, really! because they’re just light and yet healthy that wont make us guilty after we eaten all.. ehhe By the way, we’re on the diet because we’re preparing on our summer vacation in the Philippines that I’ll be surely blog up here once we got there.

Alright, that will be all for now and please keep on checking me here for more personal updates.

Santa Monica Beach #California #USA

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I admit, I am a beach person. I dunno, I just feel relaxed when every time I go to any beaches nearby. Actually, back in the Philippines. I really hate going to any because I had this little phobia on the sea waves but since I used to it here, in the USA – beaches. I started to liking it more and more.. And now I know on how to have fun over the seashore and enjoy the moment to the fullest..

About the outfit I wore? Well, the jumpsuit is from macy’s and I’ve bought it for just 5 USD tax included, yeah I kno you might wondered why is so cheap? it is because I’ve used several discounted coupons that I printed out online and others is a gift vouchers that a friend gave. In the US you can enjoy the shopping as long you knew on how to do couponing, which the best ever way to have all things you’d needed in a very reasonable prices. I’ll blog about it – on how it works soon for you to have an idea on how I did it…

 photo 10929028_10203459957754885_4790866253060318023_n_zpsimdcble3.jpg

Meanwhile, let me share with you my fave swim wear. The one pink top is from khol’s and I have it for 20 USD, yes! it is quite expensive but worth to have because the piece is well comfortable and light which is the perfect and proper to wear in the beach.