Clip-In Bangs: All the Cute, None of the Commitment

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You don’t have to look any further than a magazine in the grocery check-out line to see celebrities whose hair appears to magically grow overnight. Most seem to have an almost unlimited repertoire of hairstyles to accentuate their features and outfits. If you dream of having this same versatility in your personal style, you don’t need a fairy godmother or even a high-priced fashion consultant. A simple way to change up your look with no magic or large financial investment required is to try some clip-in bangs.

Mix It Up

The best thing about clip-in bangs is that to wear or not to wear them is a decision that is totally up to you. Furthermore, you don’t have to wear them the same way every day. The straight-across blunt cut look is one option that you can use with almost any hair style, including a pony tail. For a more romantic look, give your hair a deep part to one side and sweep the bangs across your forehead. A little hairspray will keep them in place all evening. You can make a totally different, more dramatic statement by parting the bangs straight down the middle, tucking or pinning back each half, and letting the long strands of your natural hair fall over them.

Accentuate Your Eyes, Minimize Your Age

Wearing bangs can dramatically change your appearance for the better. In general, fringe softens your look and draws attention straight to your eyes, making them the focal point of your face. People are more likely to describe you as “that girl with the big eyes,” and less likely to notice signs of aging such as lines above your eyebrows. With your forehead covered, your furrowed brow instantly vanishes from sight. You look younger for much less money and with none of the pain involved with a Botox injection.

Secretly Grow Out Your Real Bangs

If you have ever gone through the agonizingly long process of growing out your hair, you know how awkward you feel during the stages between having bangs and not having them. You also probably know that giving in to the temptation to trim them yourself can result in disaster. Unlike the hair that naturally grows out of your head, faux fringe always looks great and does not requiring trimming. A clip-in hair piece is a clever way to maintain your current hair style until you are ready to unveil your new look without bangs, and to avoid any down-time in-between.

With clip-in bangs you can choose to wear bangs or no bangs depending on how you feel. They are a fun and affordable way to change up your look without cutting your hair. Check out Hair2wear’s full-sweeping side fringe.