Four Types of Jewellery All Brides Must Wear

As a woman, your wedding day is the most important occasion in your life. So it is important to look as beautiful as possible since you will be the centre of attraction at your wedding. Most women mainly concentrate on the wedding dress. Now, although this is important and must be bought in advance, a plain wedding dress can make you look too simple. In order to add a touch of elegance and grandiosity, you will have to wear certain accessories. Although these will increase your expenses, they will immensely increase your beauty as well. You must not overdo this since too much of jewellery can ruin the overall look. So here are some jewellery option that you can take into consideration.

 photo ring1_zpshq9fy09l.png


This is the most obvious and most important jewellery of the day. Even though you won’t be wearing it before the wedding, remember that you will be wearing it for the rest of your life. So make sure that you choose the right ring. You can easily find wedding rings Melbourne. You can either go for something very simple or customize a wedding ring for yourself. It is important to shop for the ring with your partner to ensure that you both choose something that suits your taste. You can either purchase it in gold, platinum or even silver, depending on your choice. Although they can cost thousands of dollars, it is worth the price since you only get married once – well, at least you hope so.


Wearing a necklace will bring some light into your face. It is a much better idea than wearing too much makeup. The necklace you wear mainly depends on your wedding dress. If you are wearing a low-cut bridal gown, you can go for something big and grand stoned with diamonds. If you are wearing a wedding gown with a broader neckline, then you must go for something simple like a single diamond or a neck-tight necklace. Do not purchase something that is too heavy since you will already to have to bear the weight of the wedding gown. Wearing a heavy necklace can put a lot of pressure on your neck and can give you a neck pain. So wear something that is beautiful yet comfortable.


Although they will be slightly covered by the veil, you must always wear earrings to your wedding. Some traditions consider the absence of earrings as inauspicious and thus have made it a compulsory element of a wedding. Anyhow, when shopping for earrings, you need to make sure that it suits your dress. Do not go for coloured earrings since they will definitely look out of place. Big and fancy earrings will give the same effect. Choose something that will compliment the dress that you wear since it will be more suitable for the occasion. In this case, you can consider small, white earrings. Pearls and diamonds would definitely look stunning, if you can afford them. Make sure that they are small and bring out the glow in your face.

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As they say, every woman is a queen. This phrase becomes even truer on your big day. You will definitely look like a princess in the eyes of everyone present at your wedding. While some consider a tiara to be over-the-top, you can always wear it if you want it. You need to make sure that it suits your wedding dress and fits in perfectly with the rest of your attire including the accessories and footwear. A diamond tiara is what most brides go for, but if you can’t afford it, you can always get something that fits your budget. You need to makes sure that the tiara is placed in the correct position since it can be difficult to place it with the veil. Moreover, since not all brides wear tiaras, you need to make it as unique as possible.

When purchasing all these jewellery, you need to make sure that they fit you perfectly well. These are not only valuable, but they are also memorable and sentimental. Thus, you cannot afford to lose them. If you cannot afford these luxuries, remember that the wedding jewellery is not what makes you a bride. The best jewellery you can wear for your wedding day is a smile and you can get it in abundance for free!