A year subscription on the gym

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Other are pretty fortunate to have this tiny cute face shape ever since they were born and I had to admit that am kinda envy them for having that kind of feature. LOL but I know that I can have that either if I could just work hard my ass on the gym and doing so hard on my given routines. Hence, I better to get started and have my aimed body and skinny face later.. lol

Might most of you may find this funny, but yes it is.. ahah That I am pretty concerned on my face more than to my body because it does easily for me to get the face bigger or looking sore as I eaten any kind of salty foods, I think that’s called being a bloated, right? but what am trying to do now is to slowly change my total lifestyle by having only the leafy made of meals plus a great a amount of protein from poultry animals and let see after I month if does it works for me – of course, I’ll keep you posted on the progress as I notices any..hehe

By the way, I’ve already subscribed a year gym membership at gold’s gym near with us and who knows we might bumped onto soon, if s0 – don’t hesitate to say hi to me, okay? hehe

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Actually, my main goal why I enrolled myself to a gym is to have this fit and strong body. Because my type of work is already unhealthy thus I needed to step up and seek for activities that can makes me more stronger and fit. Hence, hitting the gym is the best remedy and fine to do, right? I hope I can make it through with proper attitude and focus to it.

Alright, that will be all and please keep on checking me here. Because I am keen to post some of my exercise routines here for you to have an idea too on what best workouts that may works to you too..