Catching up with my siblings

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Being away to my family for quite a long time now, it’s not really an easy job for me. Because me and family ( specifically my siblings) are has this strong relationship even before I left the Philippines to join my husband in the US and settled down there for good. That is why when ever I got a chance Like this one, I see to it that we gone bonded and catching up each others life and knew on what’s each other getting busy off these days.

I don’t normally drive but this time Ive tried it though just to have this “siblings time” Though my brother is willing to change me as driver and still I insistently to drive them along till we reached our destination. By the way, we’ve gone to one of the best beaches here ; nearby where we’re residing. And we first did was to seat on this bench near at the beach and we just keep on talking till the sun has gone. Yes! that was a normal conversation for us and sorry, I cant disclose what are the things we had conversed to. But probably to show you some pictures of us by my next post, because like what Ive been said that this ph vacation would be my diary like posts over this site..