Philippines Arrival is

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This should be posted few months back. But due to my busyness and need to attend my most required daily job for me to survive, I cant able to post this up in the timely fashion hence please bear with my laziness for that. As I’ve blogged before that I am going to visit off my family in the Philippines together with my husband. We actually did it already and we’ve got a blast for our short vacation – which really I treasured a lot.

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When arriving in Manila, I haven’t noticed that my family got an camera with them to capture my ” model walks” toward to them.. LOl As you can see it on the photo on top. I must say, this was ironically snap of me and I did liked it though with no reason, I dunno.

Me and my husband is pretty much excited to see our family and to earn some experiences together again – Yes! we’re going to have an awesome vacation that would also be posted by my next post hence you should check me often here for my PH vacation photos and travel experiences.

Alrighty, that would be all for now because I intent to post my ph travel separately for me to sorted it out like a diary here.