Got Some Birthday Presents From Family

 photo 10436084_892291367462222_1217014247908747543_n_zpsmtyrqlyl.jpg

I am so happy and fortunate to have such thoughtful, loving and generous family who’re always remembering my cake day then prepared their each present for me to be happy on my day..

My brother who’s currently resides in the Philippines are sent over these MK bag and Tory Burch sandals on my way. I think he just bought these somewhere online and he just shipped it out to my address for his convenient.

 photo 10868242_899618453396180_3957661553164476204_n_zps1hk5bcox.jpg

While my husband and his family are greatly given these awesome expensive bags. I dunno, what to feel right now because I didn’t expect this at all, where all my eye-ing stuff are ones given me as my birthday presents. How lucky I am right? I will surely treasure these gifts and use them carefully for them to be lasted for good years..